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Feel Your Best™

Are your employees on the path to feeling their best? What if they could participate in an engaging program that combines a simple yet powerful educational curriculum with personalized screening and encouragement?

The Feel Your Best program helps your employees assess their health status and learn ways to start on the path to improved health. The goal? Healthier, happier employees with fewer healthcare needs.

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Journey 2 Health™

Individual coaching and engagement is the key to fostering positive lifestyle change. The Journey 2 Health is an exclusive year-long experience in which dedicated personal health coaches lead participants to better health.

Journey 2 Health works alongside your benefit plan and is available to employers and individuals.

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During World War II, wages were frozen in the US. In an effort to permit more money to stay in workers’ pockets without calling it a wage increase, the government allowed companies to provide health insurance benefits before taxes. Thus was born the employer provided health insurance that dominates today.

Fast forward to today and your company is faced with fast rising health insurance costs and you do not know what to do. You know it is not sustainable for the company as it is. You are going to have to either make the employee pay a higher and higher deductible and co-pay or eliminate something, perhaps even some employees.

Yet why does chronic disease keep increasing despite our spending more money on health care?

The simple fact is that our health care system does an excellent job treating acute illness, but a poor job reversing chronic disease. Did you know that most chronic diseases can be reversed by diet and lifestyle changes? EHOP Health helps your employees reverse chronic disease so you can save money on health care costs.


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You have a job because your company is in business to make money. The product you make or service you provide generates revenue for your company and pays for your salary and benefits. You need to stay healthy and productive so that your boss can pay the costs of giving you a job and maybe giving you a bonus or a raise.

Here's the rub: health care insurance premiums have risen so high that something has to change. The company may be considering making you pay higher premiums with higher deductibles and co-pays: all money straight out of your pocket. Your boss may decide to forego expansion and eliminate hiring new employees because health insurance costs make profit harder to come by. And with new government regulations and taxes, your company may decide to cut the number of current employees. That could be you.

So what can you do? So that you can be productive at work and happier at home, you need to take control of your health journey. Just because you are diabetic or pre-diabetic today does not mean you need to be diabetic tomorrow. That is the foundation of the Employee Health Ownership Program -- helping you take steps to reverse chronic disease like high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.


The Journey 2 Health and Feel Your Best programs were just what we were looking for. They position us to substantially save on our healthcare costs, and the Feel Your Best program was received with overwhelming enthusiasm by our employees. EHOP Health has helped us kick off a culture of health that has the potential to fundamentally change our company.

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