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About TeamScreen

The simplest, most powerful way to scale FMS™ administration and correctives across multi-player and multi-team organizations.


TeamScreen grew out of my efforts as volunteer Movement & Mobility Specialist at Triangle Volleyball Club. Screening almost 300 athletes in 15-30 minute increments while providing personalized corrective recommendations demanded a simple tool accessible to screeners and athletes.

TeamScreen is an online application designed for phones and tablets that offers quick and accurate result recording, collaboration among multiple screeners, support for large group screenings, innovative visualizations of screen results across players and teams, and individualized corrective recommendations for followup.


We know strength and movement training can improve athlete safety and performance. The Functional Movement Screen™, first introduced into the literature in 2001 by physical therapist Gray Cook and trainer Lee Burton, is an excellent tool for individualizing strength and movement training.

The FMS™ has been validated as an effective injury prediction tool in competitive athletes while providing an excellent snapshot of an athlete‚Äôs mobility, stability, and competence in basic functional movement patterns.

Our Experience

Staff at Triangle Volleyball Club screened all of their 13-18 year-old female athletes during 15-30 minute strength and conditioning segments over 12 practice sessions.

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Simple and powerful FMS™ scoring and correctives for multiple-team organizations.

Easy Athlete Management

Import/export rosters via CSV files, or enter athletes individually.

Simple Group Scoring

Step-through wizard prompts screeners through administration and scoring of one or more athletes, and ensures your data is saved as recorded. Take advantage of time-limited screening opportunities by pausing and resuming screens as necessary.

Customized Correctives

Start with our default library of step-specific correctives, and add your own YouTube-illustrated exercises as desired.

Individualized Followup

Athletes can request followup screens after performing their individualized correctives; followup screens are focused on current step in the corrective hierarchy. Athletes are targeted based upon score to encourage followup and pursue improvement.

Parental Involvement

For youth sports organizations, associate parent user emails with each athlete for easy results review and communication.

Advanced Visualizations

Graphically follow progress across your entire organization, each team, and individual athletes with a variety of charts and visualizations.


Is your organization adopting or already administering the FMS™? Is someone in your organization FMS™ certified?

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William Lawson

William (B.J.) Lawson, MD

Movement & Mobility Geek and Software Developer